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Probate and Administration of Estates

If you wish us to deal with administering an Estate our charges would depend upon the amount of time taken to deal with the matter. This will vary depending upon the nature of the assets, the complexity of the Estate and the nature of the enquiries that we have to make. However, most matters take around 10-15 hours to complete. This involves obtaining details of all the assets and liabilities, preparing the HMRC account and settling any Inheritance Tax Liability, dealing with the application for a Grant of Probate or of Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) and dealing with collecting in all assets and paying sums due under the Will or in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy. We also prepare full Estate Accounts. All such matters are dealt with by our Partner Mr Lewis who has been qualified as a solicitor for thirty-nine years whose current charging rate is £250 per hour plus VAT.

In addition to our fees, fees are payable to the Probate Court which vary from time to time but details of which would be provided to you before any work was carried out.

In general the administration of the Estate is usually completed within the period of three to nine months from instruction, depending upon the amount of work involved.


Currently our conveyancing fees are as follows:

Up to £500,000 Freehold - £675 plus VAT
Up to £500,000 Leasehold - £750 plus VAT
Over £500,000 Freehold - £750 plus VAT
Acting on mortgage - £100 plus VAT

Also standard Disbursements are charged in relation to obtaining Land Registry Searches, Land Registry Search and Bankruptcy Search Fees, Land Registry Registration fees, Bank Transfer fees and of course Stamp Duty full details of which would be provided to you with a written quotation of fees before any work is commenced once we have the details of your purchase or sale.

All conveyancing matters are dealt with either by our Partner Mr Lewis who has been qualified for thirty-nine years or by Ms Sheila Masinde who is a solicitor with four years experience dealing with conveyancing.



Employment Law

Settlement Agreements

We regularly see and advise clients as to the terms and conditions set out in Settlement Agreements presented to them by their employers. In the vast majority of cases all fees for dealing with Settlement Agreements are paid by the Employer and therefore you would not have to pay any fees to us.

Employment Tribunals

We provide advice and representation in connection with Employment Tribunal claims. Our hourly charging rate for dealing with such cases is £250 plus VAT. An average Employment Tribunal case which results in a Hearing lasting one day would normally involve between 10 and 20 hours work depending upon the circumstances of your case.

Litigation Including Debt Recovery

We do act for clients in connection with seeking to recover debts owed to them. Our fees in connection with dealing with such matters are charged at the hourly rate of £250 plus VAT.

Most cases cost between £750 and £3,000.

We would provide you with a written quotation as to our fees before commencing any work once we know the circumstances of your case.

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